I came down for water late at night and I caught my husband Jerry, ogling at scantily clad girls on Instagram. He claims he clicked the wrong link. Guess what? I looked back at the history, every girl he was watching, was skinny. Skinnier than I was anyway…Gross.

I cornered him and asked him point blank… “Are still attracted to me?” I mean, I’m nowhere near petite…I could tell he wanted to crawl into a hole, “Of course I am honey, what do you mean?

I didn’t believe him anymore and got uncomfortable being naked in front of him. And when the intimacy falls apart, the whole marriage drops, we all know that. I started to question if this marriage was going to last.

I tried diet after diet but nothing worked. I got on a really bad streak with rebound after rebound leaving me bigger than I’ve ever been, which really got me panicking.

I was ready to give up, I was crying in the bathroom because I had just checked the scale and it carried bad news. The door opened and it was Jerry “Another one bites the dust?” he said. Through my tears I mustered a “Yeah, I’m giving up,this is my life, I’m going to be fat forever”.

He said… “nope… we’re not going that route, failure is not an option. I know you’ve tried every diet out there… So, we are going to come up with something entirely new” And after a hug that lasted about 10 minutes, We got right to work…

It took us 6 months of grulling hard work to find the solution we were looking for. It was a completely unique perspective on the weight loss problem. I was amazed that with a few tweaks you can incorporate desserts and junk food into your diet without affecting the results.

“Eureka!”… Suddenly it was crystal clear what we needed to do. It took weeks for us to track down all the ingredients we needed, but we finally managed to find all of them.

Here is another satisfied customer

“I finally fond something that works, Thank you Bio Fit.” Krista From California



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